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October 25th, 2013, 08:36 AM
With the leaves now following and covering some of the trails and some dampness setting in, I'm curious what everyone's thoughts on tire selection is.

For some of the trails where the leaves are blown off, it would change, but let's assume conditions that will have some leaves.

I did ride Chestnut last week on my 29er with the same setup I've run all summer, that being a Racing Ralph 2.25 on the rear and a Nobby Nic 2.25 on the front. The combo seemed to work ok but I was careful in the corners. I did notice the Racing Ralph cakes up more with mud compared to the Nobby Nic, so I will likely through a 2.25 Nobby Nic on the rear as well before I take that bike back out or perhaps a Rocket Ron which is also a little more spaced out.

I got a new bike that I may take out Saturday to Mohican and it came with 2.35 Nobby Nics installed front and rear, so I will likely give them a spin and see how it goes.

Last fall I rode some Hans Dampf's 2.35 on a heavily leaf covered day at Lake Hope. It was quite dry from what I remember, but the big tires helped a lot with confidence since you really couldn't see any of the rocks or roots underneath. I've talked to some guys out on the trail though and they've said to stay away from Han Dampfs when things are a little wetter.

Curious to hear others opinions.

October 25th, 2013, 07:14 PM
I've been running Hans on the front for years. It's a semi-heavy tire, but tenacious grip in in all conditions I've thrown at it...so it's a good trade off. It clears mud like a champ. I run Ralph's on the back and it's "ok." Rolls very fast, light, pliable... but grip in the Autumn season is meh at best.

December 16th, 2013, 03:21 AM
I run the same tires all season. The only adjustment is in tire pressure when the leaves start falling. I knock em down 5-7 psi. Maxxis Crossmark 2.1 gives me all the traction I need.