View Full Version : Looking for a tech/mechanic

October 19th, 2015, 10:21 AM
New to the area. Looking for a shop or freelancer who doesn't have issues working on "internet bikes". Thanks.

edit: I'm on the south side of Columbus.

October 19th, 2015, 07:47 PM
Ahh, where are you located??

October 19th, 2015, 09:56 PM
If you are in or near Columbus, I would highly recommend the Trek Store on Sawmill Road . It took me a while to find a good mechanic when I relocated to Columbus. Matt is the lead mechanic at the shop and is fantastic. They have looked after all of my bikes (a couple of Niners, a Salsa, a Colnago, and a older Trek road bike), most of which had originally been purchased elsewhere. I had a lot of issues with one of my Niners before finding them. Matt was the only person who was able to get everything resolved and working great. They put a ton of care into their work and always make the extra effort to "get it right". I trust them 100% and they are very fair in what they charge as well.