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May 5th, 2014, 10:53 PM
I picked up a set of Avid XO Trail brakes last summer and when they work, they're great. When they don't, well...

I haven't ridden since November. I noticed that I had zero brake pressure in the rear brake. I had problems with this caliper last year and I suspect it was because I cut the factory line to shorten. I logged a hundred miles or so and didn't have much issue, but I did have to bleed them several times before they worked correctly.

So, I bled them again tonight, and they worked. Rode it around the basement a few laps to make sure they were good and no issue. Then, I brought the bike vertical to walk it upstairs and boom - no brake pressure.

My initial thought was that air crept up through the line, but that doesn't seem right. This is my second set of Avid's and so far, I'm a little ticked.

Anyone have thoughts as to what it might be or had similar experiences?

May 6th, 2014, 06:54 AM
Between the bleeding issues and noise, I've given up on Avid brakes and went with Shimano XT.

May 6th, 2014, 09:23 AM
Agree with Ed on this one. Shimano XT and XTR seem to have a leg up on AVID/SRAM systems.

All three of my bikes have/had different versions of Avids - XO, XO trail, and XX.

The original XO's were the worst of the bunch needing constant rebleeds, hard to adjust and keep them from rubbing. Both myself and the one of the shop mechanics bleed them a bunch of times last years, but they never were quite right. I replaced them with the new XTR Race 987's this winter and have put two rides in at Mohican on them this spring and they appear to be big step up. They were real noisy during the initial break in but then quickly quieted right down. Super easy to install. Haven't had to bleed them yet but the process is much easier than on the Avid's.

I have XO Trails with the dual pistons on my Rip 9 RDO. I just got the bike towards the tail end of last season and so far they have been fine. Stopping power is very good and so far haven't had to bleed. Not sure if these are the same version you have or not, but my understanding is that some things have improved on the newer Avid's. I'll have a better idea how they hold up as the season goes on. If I get into the same bleeding problems I had with the XO's, then likely will change them out - but at least for now so far so good.

In terms of the Avid XX's, I don't like them. Noisy and stopping power doesn't seem that great. Lots of complaints on the forums about these. I have them on a fat bike and plan to replace with something else at some point - likely XTR Trail.

May 6th, 2014, 01:50 PM
Are you using the stock bleed kit or the upgraded kit? The better bleed kit really makes a difference.