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Thread: West Branch

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    West Branch

    Please provide trail condition status for West Branch State Park here.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cags View Post
    Does anyone have a more recent report on trial conditions?
    Too wet. Closed 7/9

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    Quote Originally Posted by iron on View Post
    Too wet. Closed 7/9
    It's closed?! really? I'm surprised that the rockier trails like bit o' honey and the new quarry trial are too wet...any idea when it we get evaluated for it to open up again?

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    Quarry Trail was 99% last weekend. I inadvertently rode it while it was closed, since WB has NEVER closed the trails during summer because of wet conditions in the 8 years that I've been going there, and I parked on Porter with the intent of riding only Quarry (so didn't see the mtb sign at Rock Springs Road). There was only 10 feet of muddy trail on Quarry last weekend. After Quarry I rode down the road and looked at the Gorge Trail, but it was waay wet (lotsa fresh tire tracks in the mud though) so I turned around and went home.

    WB is my home trail, and I don't ride it when it's wet - period. People who will ride wet trails probably don't give a crap whether it's closed or not. So what's the point of starting to close the trails when it rains?

    My take away from the whole thing is now you have to check the WB website before you can even plan a trip out there.

    Steve Z

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    I have to agree with Steve on this one, if someone is determined to ride wet trials I doubt a closed sign will do much. This is just another case of the few, whom I assume do not frequent these forums, ruining it for everyone.

    On a side note, where on earth was it advertised that the trial is closed? I've not seen word of it on here until I asked for updates and see no sign on the CAMBA website-do we now have to go the the west branch state park site for this kind of information? Making it obvious that trials are wet/closed will help riders make suitable plans...

    Also, is it too much to ask to keep quarry trial open?

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    Agree that quarry shouldn't be closed when other trails are closed. It drains really well. Why not keep it open year round?

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    From the Park's web site: "Mountain Bike Trail Closure - The mountain bike trails at West Branch State Park are closed temporarily due to extremely wet conditions. [Posted 7/1/15] "
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    Parks been open for a while. Ride yesterday and trials are in excellent shape. Thanks for all the recent trail work too!

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    Trail is solid. Grip best it will be all year.

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    Race day Sunday was blazing fast with reflecting lap times. Course is all cleaned of dead falls and ready to rip.

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    Optimal traction for railing turns. East Davis bridge has loose board and exposed nail. Use caution.

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    He little bit of rain Sat night didn't slow down the trails or make them wet. In fact the moisture gave a traction boost. Watch out for the ground bees on East side of road by Quarry Trail entrance. They are aggressive and stung me twice in the past week on two separate rides.

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    West Branch continues to shrug off the rain. Everything dry.

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    Loose over hardpack. Not quite brittle dry.

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    So dry even moisture in surface tree roots is absent and they provide ladder rung traction. A few small tree branches on trail but nothing major.

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    Leaves were moderately dry today. No trail slicks in the corners yet. Some of the minor roots are leaf covered and surprise tire attempts at traction. Good conditions for this late in fall.

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    Trails are in great shape today (Tuesday, November 3rd), except for all the leaves covering that Quarry Trail and the Southside Trails. I've only ridden here a handful of times, so following those trails was a bit challenging at times, especially the Quarry Trail, which has not been ridden much lately based on the lack of crushed leaves.

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    Winds have dried the ground from the heavy rains. Some wind damage to the trees. The biggest windfall is in the water crossing on Gorge Trail.

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    Riding the trails was like rolling my Racing Ralph tires in wet brown latex paint on 11/29. The top skim of the trail was a tacky goo. Remember Mtn. Bike trails are close from 11/30 -12/06 for deer gun season.

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    Awesome conditions today. Frozen ground with maybe a 1/4 in of snow cover.

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