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Thread: West Branch

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    Hi guys, my calendar suggests that west branch should have opened...can anyone confirm that this is the case?


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    Yes, it opened on Saturday - just in time for the rain.

    Sunday it was still kind of wet. I rode and ended up walking several places.

    The trail from the mtb parking lot to Cable Line has been regraded or something and is a horrible muddy mess. Best to ride out along the entry road and cut into Cable Line at the yellow gate.

    The part of F loop between the skinnies and the end has some longer stretches of nasty mud. Didn't get over to East Davis.

    I think that given that Monday was sunny and warm with a breeze, as is today, that the trail conditions would have improved enough by today that much of the mud should be dried up, or at least well on the way.

    If you head out put up a trail condition report!

    Steve Z

    Lots of evidence of trail work - much deberming and drainage work. Thanks to the trail crew, always keeping this place top notch.

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    Fast and Firm. So dry there was dust film on bike. Traction not loose yet.

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    West branch muddy and closed as of 5/23/17. I would wait 10 more days

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    Trails were firm before Friday rain. East Davis needs more time to dry. Skipping this trail is suggested. Massive tree down in 2nd rock garden in Gorge trail Going CLOCKWISE.

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