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Thread: Reagan Park

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    Reagan Park

    status unknown
    Gregg Soster
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    TRAIL UPDATE! The trails continue to improve but are still wet enough in some areas to warrant their closure. There has been a crew of dedicated volunteers, in cooperation with the Medina City Parks, working very hard on repairing all of the drainage issues and making big improvements on the overall flow of the trails! We hope that these improvements will allow us all to be using the trails instead of waiting for conditions to improve. We also feel that you will all be stoked and surprised at the numerous fun changes that are being made to the Huffman trail system! Please be patient and allow the reworked areas time to settle in and improve before you use the trail and negate all of the hard work that has been put into this project.

    We will soon be posting updates and photos of the changes and improvements that are being made to the trails. There will also soon be a dedicated FaceBook page created for "The Medina Trails", so keep an eye out for that.

    In the meantime, PLEASE help spread the word to those who may not be reading this post. The more trail users that are aware of when and when NOT to use the trails, the more we will actually be able to get out and use them!

    (Taken from Edge Outdoors facebook)

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    Huffman is a little damp...

    As seen from the trail just below Reagan Pkwy

    Huffman marina. Er, soccer fields.

    Sorry to those who have put the work into it already this year.

    It's never easier - you just go faster.

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    Went to Reagan Park this morning in hopes of doing some quick laps of the River Trail only to find out that last weeks storm did an enormous amount of damage to our home trail. Annex and Fawn trails both had experienced small land slides and the bridge connecting Annex to River has been uprooted by the flooding. Huffman is still closed as well. Jay and the guys at The Edge Outdoors along with past volunteers are going to need a great deal more assistance to get our home trail back in a ride-able condition. So please watch The Edge Outdoors FB page for updates from Jay and upcoming trail rebuilding schedule or call the store before even thinking of going to Reagan Park to ride for a status update.

    Fawn Trail

    Annex Trail

    bridge to River Trail

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    went to The edge this morning and talked to mike to see if the trails were open, he replied yes they all are open but there still needs to be (minor) repairs done. I only rode the trails north of Reagan Parkway (river, annex, fawn ridge, and huffman) and they were all in excellent shape, dry with very few soft spots. I applaud all The Edge guys, Ray Petro, and a few others for repairing Reagan Park trail system in a short span of time, it was awesome riding today, especially huffman trail! Hopefully there won't be too much rain or any rain at all today or this week.

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    Rode Saturday afternoon (6/7) and it was in excellent shape. All dry except for a couple soft spots on Reagan and one small mud puddle on Reagan. I like the changes to Huffman. All trails seem to be smoother with less ruts and exposed roots than last year. Great work.

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    I rode yesterday also and the work the guys have done to the trail is incredible! The trail absolutely rocks!

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    Rode Sunday the 17th. Great conditions. All three loops mostly dry and fast, two small mud holes on the Reagan side otherwise all dry with a few small damp spots. Good grip with no wet roots. Thanks for the amazing post storm repair work.

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    Anyone know the current conditions at Reagan?

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    Rode yesterday. Huffman wasn't too bad, just a few greasy spots and a couple mud puddles. There was considerably more mud on Reagan side. I peeled off about half way when the mudholes just kept getting deeper and more frequent. Actually surprised it was open due to overall condition.

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    How's it looking today? I see Edge Outdoors has it as OPEN, but I was hoping for a little more detailed report of the current conditions.

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    Yes please...... More details, wondering how it is after the latest rains.

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    Rode 80% yesterday, puddles and mud in the usual areas but very rideable.

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    Rode Friday evening (7/25) and trail was in excellent shape. Almost no soft spots, however it is starting to rain lightly as I am leaving.

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    Edge Outdoors has the trail listed as open but how dry is it? Anyone have a recent update?

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    Rode river, fawn ridge and annex trails at lunch today. They were totally dry. Based on my experience Huffman trail should be fine too. Reagen is probably fine but maybe not totally bone dry.

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    Pre-weekend update?

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    Trail in great shape per the new CAMBA Facebook page

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    That's why we have forums here. Try posting here since not everyone is on Facebook. If you're just going to post a link to the Facebook page, then at least make it viewable without having to log in like the CORA group does.

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    Trail was in great shape Saturday morning

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