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    Some areas of tread are wet, but no puddles of standing water. There are 2 large trees down very close to each other in the downhill section right before the Covered Bridge. You have to stop and lift your bike over them.

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    Perfect conditions and weather. Thanks to the volunteers yesterday for creating the reroutes and trimming the trail.
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    Rode Friday and tree down at mile marker 12, one down on a power line just past parking lot at mile 15 get right beside the youth camp and tree onto power line still able to ride under it as its prob about 12-15 ft in air but still will need attention by the power company?. also tree down mile 19. other than that trail was great.

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    last Saturday the trail was great a bunch of work has been done and trail in great shape, 3 trees down going through mile 6.

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    Sunday the trail was good. Wet in a couple places. Big tree down mile 16. Ride was overall great.

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    sorry trail status update to mostly dry

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    Roadbed after 13 is wet and the last mile has some splashy spots but everything else is tip-top. Trees down around 1, 14, 16 and two in the last mile.

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