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    The new trail conditions page is working great and now any registered user on OST can update trail conditions.

    A request that I have is that whenever you update the trail status also use the "Trail Status" drop down menu.

    Keep comments super short 1) we have lots of mobile users 2) too much text makes the trail conditions page really long and harder to find the trail you want

    This will set the color status and will give us all the same way to rate the trail conditions.
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    Trail is drying nicely and is MOSTLY TACKY to DRY with some wet and muddy spots. Weekend will be good to ride though would suggest riding tomorrow afternoon for a dryer ride!

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    Mohican has a few wet sections and is tacky but good to go.
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    Trail is Tacky to mostly DRY!
    Still few wet spots due to spring water flowing across trail.
    All known trees have been cleared.
    OMBC race tomorrow, Saturday April 18th, at noon (

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    Mohican is in great shape. No trees down. Only water is on the last mile and it's minimal. Lots of riders out today. Tomorrow should be great too!

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    DRY and good to RIDE!

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    Conditions at Mohican were fantastic today. Even the last mile was nearly completely try. Trail is tacky and fast right now with no trees down. Lots of riders out today and expect tomorrow should be another great day to ride.

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    Yep, trail is in great shape. What a blast. But seriously, one, lone, mud puddle a 1/4 mile from the end?

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    Dry and Fast.

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    Dry to Tacky with few wet spots and in good shape.
    The Mohican MTB 100 is Tomorrow Saturday May 30th.

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    Lots of rain yesterday, heavy at times. Trail is wet and needs a day to dry.

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    Mohican Trail Report; June 16th 2015
    Lots of rain in the area last night. Please allow to dry today (Tuesday) and trail should be ok to ride by Wednesday, though expect trails to still be wet with puddles.

    Reminder; This weekend (June 20-21) is the Mohican 100 Running race which utilizes most of the MTB Trail. Please avoid riding Saturday as there will be close to 700 runners out on the trails, but by Sunday afternoon just a few remaining racers.

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    700 runners on a bike trail that has been getting pummeled with rain all week? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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    ^that. We had an issue a little over a year ago when a race was run on Alum P1 and the trail was pretty much ruined. Hard work by trail builders and mother nature are helping mend it... but it's still not the same.
    I beg the organizers to change their mind on the Mohican race. Otherwise, that beautiful trail will suffer the same fate.

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    Anyone know if the trail survived? That was some serious rain that fell yesterday...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sc17 View Post
    700 runners on a bike trail that has been getting pummeled with rain all week? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
    Agreed wholeheartedly. Send an email to Ryan O'Dell.

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    From a Moho/Malabar club member...

    I rode a lap today. 5 or 6 trees down. Most of the trail is actually good. It has drained dramatically since I checked it 2 days ago. There are some wet and muddy spots for sure. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous ass wipes have been riding all week and many small mud wallows have been created by their selfishness. The trail needs quite a bit of work after a month with almost 8 inches of rain.

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    Rode this afternoon. Trail is good and ready to ride. A few wet spots and a few puddles, remember to ride straight through.

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    Got out and rode today. The first 8 miles are very good. This is likely the result of the trail work day yesterday as previously this area had gotten somewhat chewed up. After 8 mile marker the trail had a fair number of soft spots and some pretty wet ones. Nothing you can't ride straight through, but if you have the option to ride a fattie, now would be the perfect time. The rocks and roots are a bit more slippery than normal in spots too.

    There were two mid-size trees down, one just past the second staging area and then another just past the Mile 18 marker.

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