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Thread: Vultures Knob

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    Vultures Knob

    in good shape
    Gregg Soster
    National Mountain Bike Patroller

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    Rode Sunday Afternoon (7/6) and trail was in great shape. Maybe 1 or 2 soft spots. The bridge before horseshoe hill has been rebuilt. The big cable suspension bridge that was closed for so long has been completely rebuild, and is now open for business. That looks like alot of work. I made sure to donate something after my ride.

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    two comments on FB today regarding VK "It has rained EVERY day this week at the Knob and is pouring rain now..."
    "the Knob is soaked"

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    Too wet to ride right now for the considerate cyclist... hoping for a dry weekend, will let everyone know on the FB page.



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    8/31. Great condition. Go ride and donate.

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    OST Noob, I need to post more
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    Any idea what the conditions will be like this weekend?

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    As of Sunday 10/12, the trail is in excellent shape. Completely dry and leave blown off 95%. Even the downhill course has the leaves blown off.

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    Rode Sat. evening (10/25) and trail in excellent shape. No soft spots. Leaves also cleared from trail.

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    CLOSED during Whitetail Gun Season; November 30th - December 6th. Will reopen for recreational access December 7th in conjunction with our annual Christmas Tree sale. Come visit us next Sunday!

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    Wet, slick, and the clay is like peanut butter sticking to your tires. Please wait until we have a solid week of freezing temps before riding again.

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    Forgot the status button... closed

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    Any update on VK? the facebook page says it's open...anyone able to confirm/give trial conditions?

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    The Knob is the best it's been all year right now.

    Scattered showers projected for all week, beginning tonight. If you do ride post showers, please walk wet sections.


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    Rode Sun. (4/26) and trail is still in excellent shape. Almost no soft spots, great traction.

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    Train is in fantastic shape, the sun is warm, and you need to get out and ride!

    Remember to please sign in and drop a few bucks in the can if you are able.


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    Rode Fri. evening (5/15) and trail was in excellent shape. No evidence of rain.

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    Rode earlier today (23rd) and the trail is in perfect condition.

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    3 inches of rain this week, more expected for the weekend. Trail is soaked and will remain so until we get some much needed sun and wind.

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