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Thread: Vultures Knob

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    A modified loop is open, avoiding wet areas, please see detailed instructions at the cabin.

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    Trail loop is modified to avoid sloppy areas. Pretty good shape considering all the rain. Just a few soft spots. Lots of small sticks on the trail and some areas are a little overgrown. ( to be expected) Warning, mosquitoes are at maximum. Do not stop for more than 5-10 sec, or you will be eaten.

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    Trail loop still modified to avoid sloppy area. Decent shape overall. Some damp slick spots here and there. Minimal mud. Should be Mostly Dry tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Mosquitoes are still pretty bad.

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    I rode here on Sunday 7/26 and it is in good shape.

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    Trail is in super shape.

    VK24 hour race will be taking place this Saturday/Sunday...still time to register for this fund raising event which will pay to keep the trail open for 2016!

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    OIRL race #2 will be at Vulture's Knob on Saturday the 29th at 2:00pm. The trail will be closed to general riding from 10:00am - 5:00pm for course marking and racing. Please feel free to come out and support the kids in this, the third season, of high school racing in Ohio.

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    3" of rain in the last 12 hours and still coming down...weekend is a wash out

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    Trail is dry, two down trees cleared. Good to go!

    Thanks for everyone's patience.

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    Road the trail Sunday morning for the first time. The trail was in good shape and was a blast to ride.

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    Vulture's Knob will be closed Saturday September 26 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for the Ohio Interscholastic Racing League Race #5.

    Set up will begin early morning, team warm ups at 1100, race at 2:00.

    Please feel free to come on out and cheer on our high school racers as they tackle the Knob!

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    Super shape right now...just a reminder, the Knob will be closed to open riding Friday and Saturday for our Team challenge event, hope to see you there!

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    Dry with a good leaf cover following the weekend rains.

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    Latest from the Vultures Knob Facebook Page: "The sun is shining but the trails are still drying out from the snow and rain that overwhelmed the area this past weekend. Hoping conditions will be better by Sunday...stay tuned."

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    Dusty dry, no debris on trail, overall very good condition
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    Rode last Sunday and trail was in good shape

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