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Thread: Mohican Wilderness

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    Mohican Wilderness

    open but status unknown
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    DH Trails are in good shape. Headed out tomorrow (Sunday) 9am to 4pm to do a little maintenance, trim and hopefully shuttle.

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    XC trails - trees down and overgrown, complete status unknown.
    DH trails - all 3 main trails in great shape. All weeded and ridden yesterday. Leaves will start falling soon so may need to bring a blower.

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    XC trails have been cleared and opened in prep for the OMBC championship race.

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    Mostly Dry. Leaves freshly blown off the cross country trail this week. Cross country trail has been weed whacked and all trees removed. Ready for the OMBC Championship Race!

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    Status Unknown

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    Trails are wet and have not been cleared yet. Please refrain from riding until trail can be cleared for the OMBC opener on March 22nd. Crews should be out starting next week to clear trail in preparation for the race.

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    Status Unknown

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    Was thinking of heading over to Mohican State Park and then taking Wally to Wilderness. I have never ridden Wilderness other than as a part of the Mohican 100 race. Is there a trail map available for this trail or is there good signage for the Wilderness start and the loop? From what I understand the trail starts at the corner of Wally and Vess. Just wondering if I ride out there how easy it is to find my way around this trail. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I rode the XC trail on Saturday. It's overgrown in some spots, but overall, the trail is in good shape. Signs are still up from the Mohican 100 - so the trail is well marked.

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    Pretty good shape. Downhill runs are blown, and a little of the xc.
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