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    Horns Hill

    status unknown
    Gregg Soster
    National Mountain Bike Patroller

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    Horns is open Easter to Halloween each year
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    The 4 runs are clean. The run beside the road has received some attention already this season. Conditions are real good.

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    all 4 Runs are good and clean, some weed eating has already been done

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    Good riding on the hill. They have been doing more weed eating so all is pretty clear no reason not to go there and enjoy the ride.

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    Weed eating has been done and all 4 runs are clear and ready to ride. Come on out and ride.

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    Weed eating has been done again, 4 runs clear and ready to ride.

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    The Newark Parks and Recreation Department has announced that Horns Hill Park has closed for the season. All activities have ceased and the park will reopen April 16.

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    Horns Hill is open for the Season. The 4 Runs are clean. Some Tune up has happened at the bottom Exit Points and the Gap Jump has received some help. Come out and ride. Park open from Easter to Halloween. Daily from Sunrise to Dusk.

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