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Thread: alum p2 chicken wire?

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    alum p2 chicken wire?

    - curious why all the bridges, logs and ramps at alum never had chicken wire placed on them? (To add grip)
    I am sure there is a reason....or maybe other reason.

    My first time last night I wrecked off one of the bridges last night around 7p. The one over by Sherman Rd, that is warped, more like a ladder, less like a bridge.
    Moisture on the bridge, green mold, slick treated wood surface all contributed.
    I smashed my face on the edge of bridge and dislocated my finger....the bridge didn't get hurt.

    After nearly 10 years of riding at alum, my first time having an accident.

    thanks for response.

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    Aww i know that bridge, yeah you gotta line up and straight line that sucker, any lateral momentum and your rear tire slips out and your toast.

    There were some brief ninja-like scattered showers yesterday. Most people at work during the day probably didn't even know about it, a very light rain. Quick evaporation left no visible evidence on the trail but i'm sure it made some bridges really slick.

    I feel bad for ya bro...sounds like some major pain, glad its not way worse knowing you also hit your head.

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    alum p2 chicken wire?

    We have used CW when needed. That bridge can be slick after a rain or on a cold morning with frost especially.

    If even a hint of rain fell I'd skip it for the bypass instead.

    We will take a look at adding CW.
    Gregg Soster
    National Mountain Bike Patroller

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