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Thread: Lake Hope

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    Hello Ohio riders,

    My family & I are looking at visiting Hocking Hills in late July for a long weekend and I thought I'd look into taking my mountain bike (being an avid MTBer). I was looking at trail ratings on and noticed a couple of poor reviews for maintenance, but those conflicted with some of the other positive reviews posted around the same time. I figured I'd get a better, more reliable answer from you folks on trail conditions and suggestions. I see on that there's a total of 33-39 miles of trail, but looking at the map I tally up about 25.2 miles total, not figuring in eliminations for optionality. If I were to ride a 'big loop', is there an option for that, and approximately how long of a trail would that be?

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Rode on May 4. Wildcat, Bobcat, Copperhead, and Yosemite Ridge. Dry except for a few usual spots where water collects. Yosemite Ridge leafy, doesn't see much traffic.

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    Copperhead, Harbon Hollow and Furnace in good shape with occasional puddles in low spots. Vegetation on Copperhead will grab at you once in a while. Large tree down on Harbon Hollow that will need a chain saw.

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    Only a handful of soft spots anywhere. Big thanks to the guy I talked to and any others who may have been involved in cutting out the downed trees on Sidewinder and Yosemite Falls. Having those trails clear is huge!!

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    Trails in good shape with only a few soft spots this Wednesday and Thursday, a few downed trees at the campground side of copperhead, as well as Habron hollow and Yosemite.

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    Miscellaneous soft/wet spots, but overall pretty decent. Big multi-tree tangle on Yosemite Ridge. One down across Bobcat, four on Wildcat (though some may consider one or two of those rideable), and four on Sidewinder. Hand-sawed out two smaller ones on the western part of Furnace.

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    Mostly dry. Trees still down Yosemite.

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    Epic overall - downed tree on Copperhead. Saw a rattlesnake on Wildcat (yes - it was a rattlesnake - used to catch them as part of my job). Updated trail markings a big plus.

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    Getting really leafy, but the dirt underneath is perfect. Big thanks to the locals for their work clearing the treefall!

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    Broken end of a tree jutting out into Copperhead just a little ways north of the kiosk -- small ridearound developing. Nothing unrideable down on Sidewinder, Bobcat, or Wildcat. Everything is mostly leafy, but it's all matted down so you can always see the line. Dirt underneath is tip-top.

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    Tree down across the road up from 278 making Grouse Point inaccessible by vehicle from that direction. One big tree each down on Copperhead and Wildcat, small one on Sidewinder. More rain coming, but today the dirt on those three was really good, with just occasional wet/soft spots.

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    Multiple trees down in Bobcat, Wildcat, and Copperhead. Besides that the trail is in great shape.

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    Dirt is almost perfect - only saw maybe 4 puddles or soft spots. Hand-sawed out trees on Bobcat and Wildcat, so those are now clear. Cut one on Copperhead, which leaves two big ones that will require a chain saw (one is huge).

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    Rode yesterday. Trails were in great shape. A couple trees down on Yosimite Falls, and I can't remember what other trails I had to climb over trees (sorry).

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    rode Sunday morning nice ride trees down in several spots .trailhead #1 little sandy and sidewinder on east side unrideable due to lots of fallen large trees.

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    Trails have shed the rain from this week off, so there's very few muddy spots. Some hand-sawing has Copperhead and Bobcat cleared of anything unrideable. Two big trees down close together on the low part of Wildcat. Situation reported by painter43213 on Sidewinder still exists - it's going to take a lot of work to clear that mess out. Also, another rider said there were several trees down on the Yosemite trails.

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    Major treefall on Sidewinder from the summer has been mitigated with a reroute around the primary area and cutting out the secondary area. Dirt is good on all trails. Getting leafy.

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    had a chance to ride the "figure 8" last weekend. What a treasure this trail and location is! Thank you all that have worked so hard to keep it clear.

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