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Thread: Beaver Creek

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    Beaver Creek

    status update coming
    Gregg Soster
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    Ohio State Park Feedback Survey

    Here is a link to the page where the State Parks want your opinon on your vist to anyone of the parks. This maybe a good place to voice any concerns that a trail user has as well as any complements you would like to share.
    RBRTC Trail Steward

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    Well thank you for the kind words OhioPT! We are trying to create a better trail system at Beaver Creek. The park has been lacking a lot of badly needed attention and the RBRTC intends to do just that! We are still a small and young club, but have a some great projects to work on! There have been numerous projects on the Dogwood trail to improve it as well as some reroutes that were really needed. I hope you got to ride the new Salamander trail that snakes back along the feeder creek down near the main park this is a brand new short trail, but will give users a chance to see what kind of trail the RBRTC is committed to building. We have just recently got permission to start construction on phases 1&2 of the Salamander Trail that will bring a total of around 1.5 additional miles to B.C. when completed!
    RBRTC Trail Steward

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