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Thread: New to Mountain Biking and looking to buy a bike--Advice appreciated!

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    New to Mountain Biking and looking to buy a bike--Advice appreciated!

    Hi guys, I am a 19 year old girl trying to get into mountain biking. I live near Alum Creek trails in Ohio so I have great access to good trails. I have been looking for a used bike as I have a small budget due to college. I am looking for a bike that I can ride on the trails once or twice a week and weekends in addition to taking to campus as a commuter bike for a couple days a week. I am very athletic and want a good quality bike that will last me several years.

    I recently came across a 2006 Trek 4300. I am 5'6" and the bike is 16". I understand I should try the bike out and I will before I purchase it but was wondering if this will most likely be a good fit or not? I am upgrading from a Schwinn bike I had as a girl that is too small and do not want to purchase a bike

    Is this a good quality bike? I believe I can get it for $225. Is this a good deal?

    Any advice is welcome. Thank you!

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    The Trek 4300 is probably a decent entry level bike and will work fine at Alum and CR (and commuting). Whether or not the bike is a good deal depends on the condition of the bike (good idea if you have a knowledgeable friend to look it over with you if you don't feel comfortable judging its quality yourself). Retail new for these bikes is around $800 (somewhat less probably when this bike as new). If it has been kept in good condition (clean, no dents, components are in good condition and not rusted) then the price may be fine. As you stated the biggest thing is to make sure that it fits and you are comfortable riding it. Some riders like big bikes and others small bikes so even just looking at your height or inseam may not tell you what bike fits you best. It isn't the best answer (and can be expensive) but trial and error is how you really find out what is best for you (buying new bikes with various components and styles). I suggest taking your test ride on the trail (if possible). Even just a quick lap around the beginner loop can tell you pretty quickly if you are comfortable riding the bike. Simply riding it down the sidewalk won't tell you much if you plan to ride off-road with it most of the time. The bike should last as long as you take care of it. Unless you are really rough on bikes or don't take care of the bike it should last you several years. We can give you some basic maintenance tips as well to keep it in good condition if you want.

    As you ride more you'll figure out what you want in your next bike and each purchase will be an upgrade with something new. I would suggest trying to find some riding partners as well. People on this site are usually pretty good for meeting riding buddies and if Jen and Julie have women's rides again this year you should check those out. It's always more fun riding with others and where you can learn a lot. We used to have a women's forum on the old site and I just realized we don't on this one. We should probably put that back on (keep an eye out for it). We've all been there and welcome to the club. We all have to start somewhere and I think the 4300 is a good entry level bike for Alum and CR. We don't have crazy drops or super rocky terrain around here. If you ride outside of Ohio or even Mohican or some of the Zanesville trails you can ride the 4300 but other bikes will be better suited for those types of trails (for your next purchase).
    pick yourself up and keep riding

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    Okay, thank you so much for replying and for all the advice! I'm excited to get a bike and start riding more.

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