FYI, a rattlesnake was reported on the trail, just before the Apple Barn climb. The old adage of leave him and he'll leave you alone still holds true; however, this guy seems to be quite aggressive and had struck a rider's front tire twice. Steer clear of the snake, certainly do not molest it in anyway. If you give him a couple minutes , they usually move along on their own. Rattlesnakes are very rare in this area, so you may be totally unfamiliar with their behavior. Rattlesnakes migrate over a 1-2 mile route seasonally, returning to their den to hibernate for winter. Good chance this guy has already moved on but be aware.

We have scheduled a work day this Monday (Memorial Day) at 8am. Fixing wet areas, rerouting and trail trimming. If you can spare a few hours please join us. Wear long pants, bring gloves, hand pruners or spring trimmers (with protective glasses).

If anyone had a ATV/Quad they could bring that would really help, give me notice and we'll work on having a small trailer there.