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Thread: Mohican 100/100k

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    Mohican 100/100k

    Any local p1 p2 CR riders doing the mohican on June 1st? Plan to do a few laps Sunday and climb Valley Stream Road to gauge fitness for the 100k. This will be my first time entering an event, looks like a great event.


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    Also, any advice on aide stations and personal drops would be great.

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    If you can handle two laps and then are still feeling good to head over to Valley Stream, I'd say your fitness is where it needs to be. First aide will be in the parking lot near mile 15 of the State Forest trail (mile 20 of the race). Next aide is at Buckhaven and I think it's mile 34, you can drop at this aide. Then its mostly gravel road over to Wilderness for aide 3, which I think is in a new location this year. After aide 3 (another drop spot), up Valley Stream and you're headed back towards the State Forest. There is an aide at the trailhead, but it's only 5 or 6 miles to the finish. Ride the State Forest "short loop" backwards, grab your finishers pint glass and fill it full of Great Lakes.

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    ATF, thank you. I plan to ride with one bottle and a 70 oz camelbak. I think that should get me to aide 3, maybe top off the bottle at aide 1 or 2. Definitely looking forward to the Great Lakes pint glass at the end of the race. I did 2 loops 2 weekends ago and the first 1 lap was good but I got a little tired of climbing after the second go at the covered bridge climb.

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    I'm doing the 100k and you're way ahead of me as far as fitness level goes with the 2 laps. Unfortunately I can't ride Mohican this weekend. Good luck!

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