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Thread: Big Thanks to Cabela's

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    Cool Big Thanks to Cabela's

    Hey Central ohio riders, if you needs outdoor equipment, please give Cabela's your consideration. They have offered the use of their conference room for al COMBO meetings for free and have reserved it for the entire year for our monthly board meetings.

    Really nice store BTW, drop in sometime. let them know your a mountain biker too and you appreciate their helping out.

    Cabelas Logo-WFO (color) NEW.jpg
    Gregg Soster
    National Mountain Bike Patroller

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    Sounds like a good deal. Do you have more information about them, like a website or where they are located? I also couldn't find the monthly meeting schedule on the COMBO calendar. Is there a better place to check for upcoming COMBO events and meetings?


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    Big Thanks to Cabela's

    Cabela's is right next to Costco, behind the Polaris Mall.

    I'll be posting the dates for the next 7 meetings shortly.
    Gregg Soster
    National Mountain Bike Patroller

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