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    I am interested to know what sort of lighting you currently use for night rides.
    I do NOT do any road riding, I am looking for the brightest (and cost effective) solution for lighting the trail. I am not overly concerned about weight, but I do like small size. I currently run four of these and it does fine, but I would like to have a single, brighter source.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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    This is a good place to start for research:

    I have an Exposure Diablo, and really like it.
    National Mountain Bike Patrol

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    Thanks GS... good reviews. I am looking for the sweet spot of price vs. lumens. I'd love to have the Diablo, but $300 is double what I want to spend.

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    Yeah, it is a great light, but kind of pricey compared to some of the other lights that are starting to come out. The prices are coming down every year, while the brightness is going up. Good luck, I am sure you will find something very nice for $150. The thing that I like the most about the Diablo is that it is self contained, with no battery pack and cable to contend with. The down side might be that the battery life is a bit less.
    National Mountain Bike Patrol

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    Some people on my other bike lists like these:


    I don't have first hand experience with either; I need to use the lights I already have more! But it's amazing how cheaply you can buy a powerful light these days.

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    Not exactly the user experience feedback you're looking for but I've been wanting a trail light lately and this is where i'm looking:

    You'd help yourself a lot by reading here...a lot of the China made clone lights are super cheap and reliable nowadays.

    I've been spending time in here lately because I like to make things...and I want to buy as little Chinese as possible

    If you have the time to wait for HK delivery,

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    I've been using the NiteRider Minewt 600 Cordless (last years model) with great success. It's now replaced with the NiteRider Lumina 500 or 650. I think either of those would be a solid choice for the money. Or, I know a lot of people who get by just fine with the NiteRider Minewt 350 models. It all comes down to budget. If you have to really squeeze the snot out of the budget the NiteRider Mako 200 would do "ok".

    Oh, as my helmet mount light I use a NiteRider Mako 2 watt to occasionally supplement my 600 on the bars for seeing around corners before the handlebar mounted one gets there.

    The Mako series take 2 AA batteries to simplify the setup. Great for being able to take extra batteries cheaply just in case you're out longer than expected.

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    I have a Gemini Titan which is similar to the Magicshine lights. I haven't used it on the trails yet, only on the road, but it has plenty of light and good battery life. I got it from Action LED Lights, they have lots of bike lights to choose from. I also got the wide angle lens to spread the beam horizontally for trail riding.

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    Great feedback... thanks all.

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    So I did some extensive research over the past few days and got it narrowed down to about 3 lights... Niterider Lumina 650 ($118), Cygolite Expiilion 700 ($118) and Light & Motion Urban 550 ($144). I wanted a self-contained unit (no extra cords or separate battery compartment, much like GS1's needs) and under $150. Read all the reviews and all three seemed to be on par. Tutle01's feedback pushed me over to the Niterider. Ordered and will be here in a few days. Review to follow.
    Thanks again for the feedback!

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    I would encourage you to look at Lumintrail (used to be LumenTrek)
    I have owned 3 Niteriders and probably would have bought another until I found LuminTrail.
    I have the TB-3000. 3000 Lumens for $200 (Amazon). Very solid light. Many others too for less money.
    If you are in Columbus somewhere I can show it to you.

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    I have two Amoeba lights (one standard and one with the Lflex driver) and LOVE them. They are small, light, BRIGHT and priced right.

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    Act quick boys $57 with free shipping will get you into Cygolite Metro 420 lumen all in one unit with USB charging

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