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Thread: Great Seal advice

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    Great Seal advice

    In the 10 years I've been riding, I haven't yet been to Great Seal. Thinking about going this weekend.

    This is the best map I could find online ( - are the trails pretty straightforward like this map shows or will it be easy to get lost?
    Trail is about 9 miles, right?
    How does it compare to Chestnut Ridge in difficulty?


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    Great Seal advice

    Great Seal is definitely worth the ride. The map on the state park site and mtbproject are not good though. The mtb trails just got new maps at each intersection in the last month or so which make it much less confusing to ride. I learned the hard way over the last couple years from talking with friends and exploring.

    If you can ride a couple laps at chestnut you can ride the majority of the trail at Great Seal. Start at the Lick Run parking lot, their is a map there which will get you started.

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    There is more trail than what your link shows.

    I think this map has anything except annies trail. There are a couple sections that are so steep they seem to be for horses only. I would avoid sugarloaf mountain(yellow A to B). And from waypoint D to F to H or from F to G(Ride out and back over sand hill to avoid those areas)

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    Trail map pics

    I snapped some pics of the new trail maps. These are the best. I didn't get a pic of the horseman's camp area.
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