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    Anxious to know how opening day is going!??!?

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    Bedford has no Open/Closed signage at the moment, they say if Royalview is closed consider Bedford closed. However it drains very differently and was in great shape Monday morning (a little greasy in spots). A fellow shredder rode it last night (Monday night) and said most of the grease was gone. It is in great shape, dry and totally ride able. I am hitting it in the mornin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by critter23 View Post
    Yes, the horse manure on the singletrack was plentiful, as well as the hoof prints which do much more trail damage than tires ever could...smh

    I was fuming today as i rode. I was hoping that it was a ranger when i saw the poo and the hoof prints early last week...then i saw more the last couple days. Then i noticed the systematic destruction of every no horse riding sign on the trail. Really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cassidy View Post
    Where are these signs? ...I don't understand how I've missed them for the past month.
    They are on trees anywhere that the bridal trail intersects...right next to the little signs that tell you if you are going the right way. But they have beem spray painted.

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    8/13/2014, great condition, few avoidable/ride thru mud spots. Get out there and ride. Probably the best rideable after a rain trail system.

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    Dirt Diggler is right. Great condition right now. At about mile 9.5 around the loop is a large dead tree on the trail. 2 foot diameter at least.

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    Great condition right now. At about mile 9.5 around the loop is a large dead tree on the trail. 2 foot diameter at least. Updated to show GREEN.
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    Trail was bone dry yesterday (8/16). Supposed to rain today, but as long as it doesn't pour, it should be fine.

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    Trail was dry with just a few wet spots this morning.

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    Trail is great, no surprises there. Rode last night, a few mildly muddy spots but they might even be gone by this morning (8/25).

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    Trail is in great shape, some slick spots. As of 8/27

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    trail is holding up really well considering all the traffic. A few holes where the mud has been squished by out tires in the very few areas that stay damp longest, but otherwise in great shape as if yesterday afternoon. Thanks to whoever cuts the weeds back along the section of Eddie's (I think) the runs next to the road.

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    Good stuff. Some small, inconsequential mud puddles in spots. Damp surface, soft but definitely rideable. Saw a metroparks guy cutting weeds along the aforementioned section. I keep waiting to get sick of this trail but it hasn't happened yet.

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    Thank you to the weed whackers!!!

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    Any updated conditions?

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    Trail is good. A couple mud puddles.

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    as of 9-17, Trails are in great shape, usual small mud puddles. Still no update on the opening of the ''other'' part by dunham, but I did see Metropark equipment down there.

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    Trail is in great shape, well the parts that I rode anyways. I finally got up there with the kids and ended up have a awsome ride they had smiles on their face the whole time. Congrates to all that had a hand in building these trails. Also a big thanks to everyone who helped point us in the right directions!
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    Found a pair of glasses early Saturday morning. I was the first rider out that day so they would have been lost Friday. PM me with a description if you think they might be yours.

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