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Thread: 26" to 29" front tire

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    26" to 29" front tire

    I have a trek 3900 that is probably 10 years old. 26" rims and v brakes. The front suspension is not that great so I was thinking of getting a new fork from rock shox or fox. Is it possible or worthwhile to get one that will allow me to change to a 29" rim in the front only. I was also thinking of adding disc brakes to this bike as well, but if it is going to cost a crazy amount of money I will probably just save up for a new bike. Let me know your thoughts on this.


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    I've tried 69ers (26" rear and 29" front) a few times. I like the idea conceptually, but it's never been too successful: the longer fork and the bigger wheel slack out the front end too much, and it ends up handling like a chopper. Your Trek is probably designed around a 70~80mm fork, which makes it a pretty bad candidate for conversion (bikes designed for 100~120mm forks will work better, or at least, less bad)

    Your most cost effective option would be something like the Surly 1x1 or similar fork that is designed for rim brakes (<$100). Or hunt for a used 26" fork; 26er stuff is going cheap these days.

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    How about trying a 650b instead........

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    Because that wouldn't solve his problem, which is the fork and not the wheel? He'd just end up buying a new wheel, tire, disc brake setup, AND still need a fork, all to get a wheel that's a token 0.5" bigger in radius.

    Quote Originally Posted by IAMCLOUS View Post
    How about trying a 650b instead........

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    I was only trying to introduce the idea of adding a 650 wheel to a "cheap" 26er fork. After SS added it up the costs/parts, it does seem like a pricey bandaid to keep the bike useful. You are really left with embracing 26er or saving up.

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    Ok. Thanks. I may just try to find a decent fork to keep my existing setup until I am ready for a new bike.

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    I liked my f700 69er fine - but I used a Silk Path fork with only 1" of travel, so there was minimal geometry change. You can always accommodate a taller front with a drop stem - but it is a bit of an investment to make if you're not 100% sure it will work for you.

    Here's mine:

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