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Thread: Chestnut Ridge Conditions April 13

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    Chestnut Ridge Conditions April 13

    There were plenty of riders out on this beautiful Spring day. Cyclist connection had a big group out. Awesome!

    There was a couple wet spots, mostly in the early going. The wet weather bypass is a great idea, but is itself a little muddy.

    There are a few trees down.

    The first is right after the beginner/advance split.

    There's a widow maker on the second-to-last section of the Apple Barn Climb.
    The second down tree is between markers 4 and 5.
    The first new banked turn is awesome.
    The second new banked turn is holding a little water.

    Dan Fausey
    COMBO Board Member

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    Remaining down trees are between miles 5 to 7.
    (I told him to ride it).
    Boys had fun.
    Dan Fausey
    COMBO Board Member

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