Yes, it has been 1 hell of a long winter. I can't wait to get the bike in the dirt again. The urge surrounds us all at this time of the year. But our local trails are at their most sensitive time right now as they begin to thaw. The soil has tons of frozen moisture in it. And when it thaws, it will take a while to dry. Please resist the urge to ride during the thawing conditions. I know it is hard and I know it sucks but you will be glad you did when the trails dry sooner and harden for a long awesome season. Hit the road, the bike path or go ride some urban. By all means, get on your bike and ride but be responsible. Some trails will be ready early. Trails like Mohican, Great Seal (upper portions) and Scioto Trails will dry ealier. We will be opening a wet weather by pass at CR so we hope that will get CR open earlier in the season. Here's hoping for some warm sunny weather, less than average rainfall, and less severe storms this season and happy riding to all.

COMBO trails coordinator