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    A request that I have is that whenever you update the trail status also use the "Trail Status" drop down menu.

    Keep comments super short 1) we have lots of mobile users 2) too much text makes the trail conditions page really long and harder to find the trail you want

    This will set the color status and will give us all the same way to rate the trail conditions.

    Also, please do not post videos on this thread.
    Gregg Soster
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    Dillon is the driest it has been all year. Did not see any trees down.

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    Dillon is the driest it has been all year. Did not see any trees down. Updated to show GREEN
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    Any pre race update on condition?

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    I rode at 7 am this morning. It was wet or damp on 80% of trail. It was muddy in spots.Rocks and roots was slippery witch slows everything down. Most of trail will be fine tomorrow, other then normal wet area's. As long as there is no rain till then.

    Quote Originally Posted by CoryK View Post
    Any pre race update on condition?

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    Trail is dry and the rock gardens are lonely.
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    Trail is dry and dusty. No mud . Every thing clear.

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    Danger Nov 22-23 is Youth Deer gun season! Dillon's tails are subject to hunting on this weekend. I would stay away. Trailday scheduled for today is also cancelled. Sorry this slipped past me this year.
    AOA Leader

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    Trail condition update? Looking to ride saturday morning.

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    The trail is damp on top and hard below so no ruts. The new section is soft and wet and should not be ridden (about 4.5 miles in).

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    Trail is very wet, please stay off.
    AOA Leader

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    Any thoughts on conditions this week in the early morning?

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    Wet. Dillon needs time to dry out
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    2 rides this this morning before rain, 5 spot on lower trail you need to walk..still good stuff out there. Great ride.

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    Cant figure out how to change the color staus to green

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    Ok..back to a good day at dillon, before the rain on will be sloppy for a few days now..

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    Was out this morning..good times. Not sloppy anymore..trails in good shape. Still a couple walk areas due to mud. But they are not long.

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    Beat the rain today, upper loop to marina is still sloppy..most of lower loop is great. About 4 walk arounds.. Otherwise nice..a big thanks to the guy on the older Heckler, clearing some trail...THANKS!

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    OK on the western end toward the parking, but progressively softer/wetter to the east, so yesterday's rain must have hurt it. Some of the stuff toward the marina is best walked.

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    Rode yesterday, trail was ride-able but very soft. Still a lot of walk areas due to mud, should be better today.

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