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Thread: Dillion

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    Youth hunting season 19th and 20th I would suggest not riding Dillon

    Friends don't let friends sanitize the trails!

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    UPDATE! Trails are in great shape. Morning ride and as good a traction as you can find.... go out and ride!

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    Rode the cabin loop today to test the new setup on my bike. Trail was 85% dry. Some muddy sections but were easy to walk around to avoid damage. Plenty of hikers today on the mountain bike trail probably doing more damage than the bike users.

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    Rode short loop today. Mostly dry. Tree down after the turn onto the Lake trail to head back. I cleared some vines but the tree was too large to move.

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    Rode Saturday morning, one real mud spot to speak of. Just walked around and good to go.

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    Anyone out today?.. How's it look?

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    I was out today... great time! The marina loop has a large swamp area, but when you pass it it is all good !
    The beach loop is in great shape! GO RIDE!

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