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Thread: Dillion

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    Great ride this morning...spider webs in my mouth..puts hair on you chest
    .lol..leaves are beginning their descent...but good stuff out there...moved some logs and realigned a log_over..marina loop and beach loops are in great shape....sweet!

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    Ok..getting tired of so much to see others out for early morning rides.
    Nice and dry..I believe it could withstand the rain that's coming..get on your bike and ride!

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    Great ride this morning...not muddy, yet a little slick due to the leaves.nice people out on the trail☺. RIDE YOUR BIKE!

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    Trails are SWEET! Marina loop is nice. Great traction. Webs are a still delicious..
    Go ride!

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    Go ride! Totally a blast!

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    Nice morning ride..Heath you all have a blast tonight..marina and beach loops are sweet!...

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    No rain to speak of. Got off trail around 7pm sunday..great ride with friends and a great trail.

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    Still dry out there..nice trails, more leaves , just to make things interesting. Git on your bike! Have a good group ride tomorrow Heath.

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    Am I the only one that rides Dillon? Come on you all, give a shout!

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    Dillon Youth Hunt

    Youth hunt this weekend (Nov 21-22) at Dillon State Park. There will be kids with guns hunting in the trail system. You have been warned!
    AOA Leader

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    Was out today and did full trail system...great shape. Thanks to the leaf blower guy.����

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    Another great day in winter. Only a little mud! Sweet!

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    Trail is nice when frozen...

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    Mostly tacky to wet, with many sloppy areas that should be walked. Wish the AOA would update the conditions of its trails, more frequently...

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    As reported mostly wet and sloppy. Not worth the effort. I wanted to respond to tell the locals to stick with star hill. Thursday it was 95% dry except for the power line crossing which was a mud pit.

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    I was there three days ago, before rain...great track... going today.. I'll update soon.

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    Just got off is great out there. A couple mud spots ,but if you have any sense at all you can avoid them easy... or just go thru them. It will give me something to do to keep the trail in great shape. Traction is at a premium... GO RIDE!

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    Was out yesterday..very rideable. 2 spots to walk on the beach trail. Just use common sense and ride. Trails will only get better. Going again today. Ride your bike!

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    Better every time I ride.. I was out today and same mud hole just smaller. Go ride

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    Marina loop still has a couple big mud holes...otherwise great day. Beach loops and the little climb up are almost completely dry. Go ride your bike!

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