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Thread: Dillion

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    Very soft and walk areas due to mud but ride-able. Get out before tomorrows rain.

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    I have heard that Dillon can be confusing and I'm hoping to ride it this upcoming Saturday 5/16 with my 14yr old son. Any tips or are there any regulars that could possibly lead us to do one complete lap.Private message me so we could maybe set something up.

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    Rode Dillon yesterday (Wed 5/23), and it was in good shape with just a few soft spots.

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    Hope you had a good ride..sry i have not checked the site sooner..would be happy to help

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    Heading out in the morning..ill update after

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    I just noticed this thread is titled "Dillion" and not "Dillon." Oops!

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    Good out there. Came off trail about 11am. Only minor mud as usual.

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    Oh..the marina loop is clear now. I just cut up the tree and moved it away. If i knew how to change the color code i would..
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    All good out there!! Code
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    go ride

    Dillon is great! Go ride!

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    Go outside

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    wow..where is everyone from Dillon? good riding there just hot times..these storms have not really hurt anything. ride early or late to beat the heat.

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    not bad

    good ride today..soft in spots but all ridable. oh i cleared all the spider webs out.. clear

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    Squishy in the area around the boardwalks, but soft spots much less frequent everywhere else, so a good ride.

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    BIG Thanks to AOA for taking care of this awesome trail.

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    Great morning! Great job AOA. And all the volunteers. Also a big thanks the the rider that cleared the trail of spider

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    Had another nice ride this morning..dry then...but now the rain is coming..the trail was very dry to start, so it should not be to bad after...good times..thanks again to all the trail workers.

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    It's great out there...lots of shade and TRACTION! if I could just find someone to clear the spider webs..Now THAT would be great!
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    Just a couple of slightly soft spots, but overall in great shape.

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    Go ride! I cleared webs..ground is great and the trail people are awsome as always. Thank all of you. Have a good group ride tonight Heath.

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