View Full Version : XT 3x9 crankset: Convertable to a modern day 2x10?

November 11th, 2013, 08:07 PM
I have an XT 3x9 crankset (M 770?) that's been running as a 2x9 on my current ride for the last 2 yrs. I was thinking of purchasing a new XT 2x10 setup, and was wondering if it's possible to use the current 3x crank and put 2x10 chainrings on it?

Looking to buy a new bike sometime in '14. Current ride with a new XT drivetrain will then go to my teenage son.


November 13th, 2013, 03:21 PM
As long as the bolt pattern matches (number of holes and bolt circle diameter (BCD), you're good to go.